Thursday, February 11, 2016

How I’m Changing my Eating Habits to Live Better

It has been far too long since I have written on here. I’ve been in a place where I have had about 30 balls in the air and wasn’t able to share about them all. It has taken me a month or so to even be able to verbalize most of it. So what have I […]


  Being the new military family that we are on our first PCS to Virginia we had no idea where to begin. Instead of renting someplace sight unseen we went with Military Housing. In my husband’s command of over 300 it seems that we are one of the few (our guess is under 5) families […]


  Even though I’m new to this whole military wife thing, my husband and I have been married for 11+ years. In all that time we’ve both bounced around career ideas about a million times. My husband looked at schools for degrees in graphic design, finance, computer science, and teaching. He even was trying to […]

Going Home?!

As this is published I’ll actually be “home” for the first time since we moved February 2011. I’m thankful in a way that we didn’t make it home any sooner because as I said last month, we’re finally feeling at home here. If I had been able to pull away and go to our safety […]

6 months

I have heard and read that it takes about 6 months after each move before you feel at home in your new town.  Well March is my 6th month and I finally feel like we might make it!  We spent 8 months down in Florida while my husband finished school and we never got fully plugged […]

I joined the Party!

We all probably started the New Year with a few resolutions. This year my husband and I wanted to be more healthy over all. No dieting here, we are making life changes and changing our way of eating was top priority.  I spent January focusing on the healthy eating aspect of our resolutions then February hit and […]

We survived!

I posted about our plans to stay home during the holidays and start new traditions. We did just that and we really enjoyed our Christmas together! Needless to say there were many moments where we all missed the big family gathering that was taking place back home, but cousins with new cell phones helped my […]


This week we have been making different treats each day. Monday we made a cookie I like to eat each year, but it’s not so fun for the kids to make. The cookies are just balls and half way through I was left alone balling dough. For yesterday’s cookie I had an idea. Why follow the directions […]

First holiday season away from “home”

December 8, 2011 by  
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This is our first holiday season away from our hometown. I was sooo nervous about Thanksgiving here that I was super bold and invited our family over to one of our neighbors house. I asked how military families do Thanksgiving and she said they were having people over, and without thinking I said, “Can we […]

Thank you

This week we had the privilege of being able to visit Washington DC. It was my first visit ever, living out in the Southwest, it was always a dream to visit DC. Thanks to the Navy and our most recent PCS to the area, we got to spend 4 days in our Nation’s Capitol. We […]

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