Friday, February 12, 2016

Dont Go There. . .

Guest Post from Alecia: I don’t like going in his drawers. Like many married couples, my husband and I don’t share bathroom drawers or sinks or sides of the closet for that matter. I prefer my clothes be separated by color on the hangers and he . . . well he’s a man. ‘Nough said. […]

Living in Paradise is like Having a Baby. . .

Guest Post! Alecia writes: It’s such a pain in the butt to make a new life here, that you immediately block out the pain of it. . . until you have to do stuff all over again! I realize that things (what I mean is Bureaucratic Red Tape) vary from state to state. Of course […]

Flip Mode

Guest Blogger Alecia Writes: Business Mode. My husband has learned to recognize this very quickly –and move out of the way. I can quickly slip in and out of it. Usually things like a disorganized pile of clutter on the table, PCS movers showing up at my door, and occasionally the lack of vacuum lines […]

Alecia Welcome Aboard

We are always striving to bring the best and brightest content. We have a new guest blogger to introduce! Alecia and her Sailor are stationed in Hawaii. We are excited for her to share a few posts with us about her life, her business and her Navy experiences. Please be sure to read her post […]

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