Monday, February 8, 2016

NWR New Tonight 10pmCT featuring IA Deployments and Pat Hrabe

Update: 8:23CT – UPDATED Showtime of 10pmCT. We had a scheduling mix up, hope you are still able to listen! Cross posted from Tuesday- Dec 9th – Is your spouse currently on an IA? Contact us today at wendy(at) and be on the show. We are talking creative communication, everything from care packages to […]

Some Positive News for IA Families

The Navy has been listening to it’s Sailor’s requests and concerns about having a specific command that heads off and deals Solely with IA Deployments. Read the details here about what the Navy is doing in regard to it’s Sailor’s concerns: Tweet This Post

Yes…We ARE Live Tonight at 9pmET!

Yes….I keep getting emails wondering when ARE we having our next LIVE! show?! Well, wait no longer! We are back tonight at 9pmET. Thank you for being patient during the break. I was hoping to have our Anniversary Show lineup complete, but we had some technical difficulties…that special show is coming soon. In the meantime, […]

Homecoming 6 Months Early

I have finally come out of the clouds and have landed safely back into “reality”. My writing has taken a back seat to evenings spent catching up on 7 months of missed conversation, cooking real dinners, his TV shows, his Netflix picks and his favorite restaurants. Isn’t it funny how that happens when they get […]

NWR New Tonight – 9pmET

Tuesday – April 8th – Creative Communication – On today’s show we are talking about creative ways to keep in touch with your deployed loved one. We are also answering some Career Questions that we didn’t get to last week and much more. Pour that cup of tea or coffee and join us for some […]

The Last Phone Call from "Over There"

Soon my husband will be home. Just when I was hating the Navy, they saw fit to shorten my husbands orders and the Army unit he was attached to agreed! I’m so loving the Navy and the Army right now! I’ll probably never say that in the same sentence again! ….at least I hope not! […]

So We’re Going IA…

February 25, 2008 by  
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I just found out that my husband will be going IA. He just recently returned from a 6-month deployment, left again for a surge (which are usually around 3-4 months of time) and then will come home for an undisclosed short amount of time and goes again for a year immediately following. Since, I just found […]

Thankful for our Troops and their Families

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Box full of Love 4 of 28

Today is what I call care package Friday. Craig left (on his Navy IA) just over 2 months ago for the dusty terrain and I have sent a care package just about every 2 weeks. Since a patrol for a sub is appx. 3 months, my “internal patrol clock” is telling me it’s time for […]

You know your husbands deployed when…

Photo borrowed from over at The Lemon Stand . The husband has a serious fear of sharks….so I had to post. Other ramblings of how you know your husband is deployed: 1. You grab that extra plate out of the cupboard when its time to set the table and you have to put it back. […]

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