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Meet the Bloggers

Welcome to the My Military Life Blog, where we have been blogging since 2007!

The My Crazy, Amazing Military Life (TM) blog is written by a diverse group of military spouses. Below you’ll find some background info on each of the authors. Our goal is share our experiences and learn from another.

Our hope is you find this blog a great distraction to a long deployment. We invite you to pour that cup of tea and get connected. We’d love to hear from you, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know you were here!

NEW!  We are currently looking for bloggers!  Do you have something to say about living this military life?  Then contact us today!  Please submit a sample post or link to your current blog to wendy(at)

Meet the Bloggers:

Wendy / Wendy – Navy Wife Radio (Founder) – Hi my name is Wendy and welcome to this little online place where I write stories about my military life, my favorite things, places I’ve visited, and any other amazing thing I just have to tell you about. I founded Navy Wife Radio and our blog back in 2007, the beginning of  My Military Life. I started this blog originally to help me cope during an impending deployment after a PCS move. I didn’t know anyone, or have a job. Frankly, I had a lot of time on my hands. With readers like you, it grew into a bigger blog with other military spouses from all five branches, a radio show, more writing and believe it or not a full time gig as a contractor with the Navy and an amazing opportunity with USAA. I’m a firm believer you don’t have to give up your career to be a military spouse, well unless you want to. Through the ups and downs of my military life, I’ve been blessed to work as DoD civilian for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force and as I mentioned most recently as a contractor for the US Navy. I’ve also blogged for’s SpouseBUZZ and for the original Military Spouse Magazine Blog. My first try at being an entrepreneur began in 2001 when I opened my web design and new media studio. When inspiration strikes I’m a freelance writer and have amazingly enough been published in Military Spouse Magazine and The Navy Times! Being the executive producer of the webcast Military Life Radio and Navy Wife Radio has been so much fun and its given me the chance to meet many of you! As for my husband, just in case you happen to be wondering, he is a career Submariner and has also deployed to Afghanistan. My favorite movie of all time is The Hunt for Red October. <smiling>

Thank you for hanging out with us.

You can reach me here —>> wendy(at)


Anna – Blog Editor – Bio coming soon


Tara – I am a 17 year Army wife with four kids. My first flight was to Germany with my new husband and baby I went from a small town head first into this military life. From then on it has been amazing. Three overseas tours, new places new friends and always an adventure. I love to volunteer to help all of our military families, and look forward to doing what I can to support you in loving your Military Life!

Tessa: Ciao from Italia! My name is Tessa and I have been married to my Air Force husband for one year this December. Before entering the military world, I earned my Bachelors degree in Communications/Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Shippensburg University in my home state of Pennsylvania. During my four years there I was involved with Residence Life and found my passion for working with college students. After graduation, I worked as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) through AmeriCorps supervising a mentoring program with college freshman encouraging at-risk high school students to further their education. Afterward, I worked at Binghamton University in New York as a Resident Director supervising and advising some amazing students who have made long lasting impressions on my life. On the day my husband and I eloped, I packed up my apartment, quit my job, and headed home preparing to tell my family I would be moving to Italy in a little over a month. This past year has been full of transition for me – being a newlywed, being unemployed, being away from the college environment and finding new passions, and of course – becoming a military spouse. Currently I am studying School Counseling with UMUC to get my Masters degree before we leave Italy in January 2015. During my 10 months of down time I’ve been able to focus on myself and figure out what other interests I have, a few of them being: blogging, inventing new recipes, photography (my husband is the real pro, but I still think it’s fun!), and interior design. I look forward to meeting other military spouses (seasoned and new!) and hope that my stories and adventures shed an additional light into the life of a military wife.

Tori: Hi, my name is Tori. I have been married to my husband, Zach, for going on 10 years. We have three wonderful children, one girl and two boys, who keep me pretty busy! We are a Navy family and enjoy spending as much time together as possible. At times it proves difficult, but we make it work.

Vanessa – Howdy, I am a Navy wife of 2 years to the most amazing best friend a woman could have. I have a 7 year old daughter, a fur baby, and another daughter on the way. I am no stranger to the Navy, although my experience before now was as the granddaughter, daughter, and niece of sailors. I will graduate from Texas Woman’s University in August with degree in Criminal Justice & English. I hope as a Navy spouse I can provide a different view on life via my life experiences, trials, and errors.

TrevsNavyWife: I am a born, bred and raised California girl.  Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself married to the military.  Here I am loving every minute of it.  My husband joined in 2001and after boot camp we were sent to our first command in Norfolk, Virginia, followed by San Diego, and now Annapolis, Maryland.  I am the mom of two awesome children who make every day an eventful one!  I love to read, usually military life books, I am always looking for the next great spouse tip!  I crochet and sew and love to make crafts for others!!  I found Navy Wife Radio after searching the internet for something I could connect with.  My brief time with Navy Wife Radio thus far has been like second nature after growing up watching my father as a radio programmer until 1996.  It has been so much fun to share a bit of my life with other military spouses and I hope that they have enjoyed it.  I love the ride of this crazy amazing military life and hope you like joining me on it!


Emeritus Bloggers:

Alecia has been married to her Sailor for seven years and is currently stationed in Hawaii. The mom of a young son, Alecia runs her own retail online business.

Cristin grew up in a small town in Georgia. Shortly after graduating from college, I married my high school sweetheart. Two months later, my husband received his Army commission and our military adventures began! In addition to living in Georgia, the Army has sent us to Ft Sill, Oklahoma and Baumholder, Germany. I am currently living back in Georgia with our baby girl and dog, while my husband is on his second deployment.

I have previously worked as a Department of the Army civilian employee but now enjoy staying home with my daughter. I am passionate about sports and fitness and am grateful to have had the opportunity to become certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I am excited about this career path since it will allow me to help others and also have the flexibility to spend plenty of time with my family. We all know too well how precious that time is!
The military life is sometimes very hard but overall we enjoy it. I am so proud of my husband and his fellow service members. I feel blessed to be able to call myself a military wife!

Jenn is a mother of three young children. She hails from New England but currently lives on the left coast. She and her husband have been together for 12 years, married nearly 10. Prior to meeting her husband she was active duty military herself. When Jenn is not volunteering her time she runs and enjoys writing and dance. She has a wicked sense of humor and she enjoys great comedy and burning the candle at both ends. Jenn is the wife of an active duty Coast Guardsman.

Jessica is a Navy Wife and mom.  She is also an aspiring writer, you’ll find her posts to be funny and thought provoking!

Jewls: Julie Negron is the creator of A cartoon comic strip about being a Military Spouse. You’ll love her humor. Julie is currently in Japan and occasionally writes here on the blog. You can read her latest comic at

Julie and her husband Ben have been married for 9 years.  They have been an Army family for 5.5 years and have 3 little boys, 6, 4 and 9 months. Julie and her family spent 4 years stationed in Germany and are now stationed at Ft. Campbell and just finished their 3rd deployment.  Julie has been blogging pretty regularly since 2009.  You can also read more from Julie on personal blog

KateeN: I am a young military spouse and have been associated with the Navy for about five years, three of which has been as a spouse. I’ve gone through several underways that lasted anywhere between a week to three months and a six month deployment. I’ve only been connected to one boat, a fast attack, but am getting ready to go to another within the next year. We are expecting our first child, a boy, this September so we are in for the adventure of a lifetime! I am currently working towards my college degree of speech pathology and hope to eventually earn a doctorates degree. I enjoy playing tennis, reading, writing and scrapbooking (even though I’m really not very good).

KristenH: Hello! I’m Kristen Hodges and I am a Navy wife and a full time artist with a degree in Art Education from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. Because of my training as an Art Educator, I’ve dabbled in a lot of different mediums from graphic design and painting to ceramics and printmaking, and I love them all! At base, I enjoy hosting Craft Nights for my local military wife meet up group and hanging out with our Jack Russell, Juniper.

Kristen M is a submarine wife, who’s totally in love with her husband, her dogs, and her yoga practice. She believes in seeking out the positive, doing what makes you feel good, and doing good for others. Yoga found her a decade ago, and it was the first step on a path to mind and body wellness. 10 years later, she’s earned her Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Certification. She loves sharing yoga and other positive lifestyle choices with anyone who wants to manage stress, increase wellness, and just feel better!

LeaUSMC: I’ve been married for five and a half years to a wonderful man who happens to be an amazing Marine. We live a little bit of a unique lifestyle compared to the rest of the corps. We’ve weathered some of the more typical types of long deployments but because he’s a flyer we deal with constant comings and goings and a schedule that is at the mercy of the Marine Corps. We are blessed with two very active, very rough and tumble little boys, Dash-1 who is three and Dash-2 who is 16 mths.

MeganMy name is Megan; Im a military dependent of 24 years. Both of my parents were in the Marines and my husband, who Ive been with for just over four years, is a Navy Submariner. I have 3 kids, a 4 year old boy (who bounces off walls), a 21 month old girl (who starts fights with the 4 year old, and has an attitude 3 times her size), and a 6 month old boy (who has no clue what he is in for). Hubby and I just recently started our shore duty tour coming from the fast attack community, and what a change Ill tell you a secret, I miss boat life. (Note: Megan previously blogged under the name: JustaSubWife)

Navy Wife Beth: I met the love of my life 12 years ago while we were attending the same university.  Marriage and children soon followed and we spent the next 10 years in the “civilian world”.  I’ve been a stay at home mom of two kids Aaron 10ish and Gracie 5ish.  Two years ago things changed in the company my husband worked for and we knew it was time for a change.  Hello, Navy!!  My husband being the average IT guy was not what anyone would envision as your next Sailor, but the doors FLEW open for him.  We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary as a military family and we have yet to make it to his first duty station.   He’s still in training, so you all will be along for the ride with us as we do our first PCS, get involved with an actual command, and raise these Navy Brats.  I will enjoy getting to know you as you travel along with us!


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