Tuesday, October 21, 2014


MyMilitaryLife.com is a unique place for military spouses that concentrates on motivation, leadership, education and support for spouses.  Our mission is to motivate and encourage spouses to do what they love and follow their dreams.

MyMilitaryLife.com features a social network, internet radio show, podcast, and a group blog featuring posts from military spouses representing all five branches.

Home to Navy Wife Radio (est. 2007) and AsktheChief.com (est. 2002), MyMilitaryLife.com provides military spouses a location to network and learn from another, not to mention provide a much needed distraction to the stresses of everyday military life.

Our blog, “My Crazy, Amazing Military Life” features bloggers from that range in age, branch and experience. If you’ve come over from our previous location, welcome!

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