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#XMAS Jammies video of family sure to make you smile

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Before the invention of social media, I would type out our annual Christmas letter to keep in touch with our extended family and friends from previous duty stations. The letter would highlight milestones and feature photos of us throughout the year. It was fun to write, but took hours!

Are you sending out a Christmas letter this year?

This family’s ‘Christmas Letter’ video is so creative! As adorable and funny as this video is, I seriously do not think there is any possibility of getting my husband into a pair of Christmas jammies!

Do you think you could get your husband into a pair of #XMAS jammies?!




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2 Responses to “#XMAS Jammies video of family sure to make you smile”
  1. AnnaB says:

    Hilarious! My husband, the self-proclaimed Scrooge of the family, will wear Christmas jammies. However, they feature either the Grinch or say “Bah Humbug” all over them. I know what you mean about the Christmas letter taking hours. I’ve never been known to be brief when writing, so I spend a lot of time paring it down, trying to make it a single page. It’s hard to summarize an entire year for 5 people! It’s even harder when we’ve been through a deployment that year, because I won’t remember anything that happened during those months. Call it a mental block.

  2. Wendy says:

    I’m tempted to order some Christmas jammies for him. If only because he will be HOME to wear them! haha

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