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Not always nice and easy

photo via (c)iStockPhoto/kourafas5

photo via (c)iStockPhoto/kourafas5


My military life is pretty awesome – until we move and I have to find a house, a car, and schools for my kids. Those things do not stress me out like finding someone I can trust to cut my hair, color my grays and not charge me a million dollars. You all have done it: rocked out a cut that needs trimmed, tousled roots that make people wonder if they are on purpose –  all because you don’t know who you can trust. I am there with you ladies. I also have another dilemma: every few months, I feel the need to change things up. Sometimes I rearrange furniture, often I buy an outfit. Then there is the itch that cannot be scratched by moving a couch or shopping. I need and am driven to change my hair, drastically.

I first started experimenting with hair cuts in middle school. I had a girl cut my mid back length hair in computer class into a “V” shape (see, I wasn’t always worried about finding a stylist!). My friends were so worried about what my mom was going to say. I remember going home and I think the next moment had a deep impact on me. My mother said she liked it and that she would take me in to get it shaped up. No yelling or crying; it was fine. I know that at that point I thought, “It’s just hair; it will grow back and you can change it for fun.”

I didn’t jump right into crazy styles (unless you count the whole sticking up bangs situation that I rocked in the 90’s). I kept my hair pretty boring and safe until I discovered home hair color. What a disastrous blast I had with those boxes! I have been all shades of blond since that is what it was naturally, then I moved into all kinds of colors. Auburn and browns, then they all layered on top of each other and my hair was almost black. Thankfully, a friend/colorist pulled me back from the brink. After a very, very long process that was neither nice nor easy like the box said, she cured me and I have stayed blond for the last four years.

Enter the itch. I am not sure if it is the stress of the holidays or the fact that I need a trim and my roots touched up badly, but you know when you just cannot handle your hair anymore? I am at that point.

I have been going shorter and shorter this last year, but now have let it grow out to my shoulders. I am ready for the big cut and color! I want something fun, funky, and that makes me look 10 years younger and 20 lbs lighter; and if the last two aren’t possible, then at least fun and funky. My more rational side says don’t do it, just stick with what you know. I would really listen to that side except that Pinterest keeps pulling me back in with such cute hair pictures. So I am doing it, I just decided at 10:00 p.m. while typing this. Everyone knows great decisions are made at night when you’re tired. If only I had a salon on speed dial! Since it is late at night and I do not know of a 24 hour salon, I have to begin the dating show of stylists to see if we have a connection. It’s been a while since I have looked for a committed stylist relationship and I’m not sure how to begin. I wish there was an e-harmony for military spouses looking for that hair connection. I could post pictures of haircuts I like, the stylists could post haircuts they have done and a master computer would magically put them together and make a match. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Since none of you have invented that site yet, I have to do the more common practice.  I am going to be safe and ask women I see out and about who have hair that I like who cuts their hair. Then I will go in for a consultation before letting them cut my hair. I recommend that to all of you. I never just walk in and let them go to town before showing pictures, talking about my expectations, and asking them what they think. A good stylist will have questions for you about how much time you want to spend styling and how your hair is naturally (you know, before you flat ironed it). I hope I meet the stylist of my dreams! I know it won’t be forever. I will have two to three years of great hair, then move and begin my search again, but is it to much to ask that I find one now?  It is the part about moving that my husband just does not get. I have hope that I will find my hair stylist match, and if not, I will invest in lots of hats. Thank goodness I look good in hats.

How do you find a great stylist after a move? If you changed your hair drastically, what would your spouse say?

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4 Responses to “Not always nice and easy”
  1. Wendy says:

    When I move finding a hair stylist is ALWAYS a big stress! I usually start at the base salon, which isn’t always the best or most cost effective solution. I’ve learned over the years to just be bold. If I see someone with “good hair” no matter if it is the girl in front of me at the Exchange, commissary, or wherever… I ask, “who does your hair?!” If I’m lucky they are honest and share their awesome person instead of saying something like, oh, I do it myself. Which we all know is a LIE.

  2. AnnaB says:

    My hair has a mind of its own no matter what I do. I like to donate my hair to Locks of Love, so I’m always in the growing-it-out stage. I also don’t dye or perm it for that reason. I’ve been fortunate to be able to just go to any of the walk-in salons (Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, etc) and come out with a good cut. (And if they do mess it up, my hair grows relatively quickly). And, to be honest, as a mom with toddlers, when is my hair NOT just thrown up into a ponytail? As long as I can pull my hair up and away from my neck and my face, I’m pretty happy. I’m no help to you, I know! (I am hopeless with styling my own hair. I don’t even own a curling iron – my hair won’t curl, so it’s pointless. I do, at least, attempt to use a round brush on those rare occasions that I bother to blow dry it).

  3. Tori says:

    hahaha. AnnaB I was beginning to think that I was the only person who didn’t worry about salons. Most of my friends have a set stylist/salon and love them! I am happy with a ponytail and Hair Cuttery! My problem is I am cheap! I am very lucky to have hair that is naturally curly (it took me a while to realize that I am lucky to have that) and that naturally has about every possible color in it. Wish I could be more help! However, I do love my girl at Hair Cuttery here and I will totally share the name with anyone who needs it, because I only see her about once a year (if I am lucky)!

  4. Kara says:

    I had such a hard time finding a stylist! I eventually gave up! I went to cheap ones and expensive ones, no one – even those who “love to razor” could razor my hair correctly. It’s a stacked bob, it’s not hard. But no one would razor my hair. the best ones i got were from fellow spouses who cut hair, but they didn’t razor either. Eventually I gave up and just got my own razor comb and went at it. Fortunately even my hair dresser at home said I did a good job! So I’m doing my hair from now on.

    Speaking of which…the back’s getting kinda long…I need to cut it this weekend ^^

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