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The Great Elf Adventures

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I am assuming by now that most everyone has seen the sneaky little Elves that take over homes this time of year. You probably either have one or wake up to a news feed of pictures from friends who have them! Santa sends these magic elves and the children get to name him or her whatever they like. These little elves come into the homes of children to scout and report back to Santa every night! There is a no touching rule; it drains their magic! Some of the elves are very good at hiding and some them get a little naughty while everyone is tucked away in bed.

These crazy elves can get themselves into a predicament or two (I can’t imagine what they get into when they are all together at Santa’s workshop)!

Meet Our Elf:

Mr. Shelfy Elfy- is a second year scout elf. His interests include: zip lining, hanging out with his nutcracker friends, and wrestling (he is pretty good, he won tickets to WWE Tribute to the Troops). In his leisure time he enjoys mini vacations to the beach or skiing! He also love to  make goodies for the kids. He was recently released from the Elfispital and doing great; his magic has returned to full strength!

Meet a few of Mr. Shelfy Elfy’s friends:

Zack- is a first year scout elf. He has a weakness for Maple syrup and donuts! He is very good at reading and reminding everyone not to forget things (like a stocking for the new baby).

Goofilly- is a fourth year scout elf, and is in a relationship with Barbie! He gets a kick out of wrapping the Christmas tree in toilet paper and trapping the kids in their rooms with toilet paper.

Hobby- is a first year scout elf, who occasionally enjoys a cup of tea and shares treats with the kids. In her free time she likes to swing from light fixtures and is currently mastering using her own little potty (while reading a tiny Elf-sized book)!

Lilyin Grace- is a first year scout elf who enjoys making crazy breakfasts (that include dog food, ketchup and various other silly items). She also enjoys sneaking midnight snacks of ice pops, playing dress up, and coloring pictures!

George- is a first year scout elf. His favorite pastimes are flying paper airplanes from the ceiling fan (you get better distance from up there) and playing Phase 10 with friends. He also enjoys sending emails to Santa when he gets lonely!

Elfie- is a first year scout elf who loves to leave notes to the kids asking them to decorate trees and plant silly ingredients in sugar (which magically grow candy canes). She is also a daredevil who likes to go slinky diving and fishing! After all that, she loves to take a nice warm shower!

Lii-Lie- is a fourth year scout elf. He likes to relax in his favorite spot most nights (if you’re comfy, you’re comfy, right?) and pretend he is a Christmas tree! He also has a passion for gymnastics  (or he could be training for Special Ops) and we know he has been drawing faces on the baby pictures (elves are not the best at covering up what they have done)!

The graduating class for scout elves this year has grown tremendously, and so have their antics! Perhaps, they are sneaking onto Pinterest while we are sleeping? The elf adventures are quite entertaining; you just never know what they are going to get into!

Share with us:

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?

What is the craziest thing he has done?


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