Friday, February 12, 2016



Being the new military family that we are on our first PCS to Virginia we had no idea where to begin. Instead of renting someplace sight unseen we went with Military Housing. In my husband’s command of over 300 it seems that we are one of the few (our guess is under 5) families living military housing. We have heard horror stories, even from neighbors, yet we stay. First it is probably the nicest house we have lived in, in our 11+ years of marriage. Being that we have kids it’s a 3 bedroom “condo” and we really enjoy it! The kids have a playground out in the backyard to meet and play with all their friends. We are also super close to work for my husband which makes the commute in the morning a non issue. Now is this the most fabulous home… no, but it is just right for us!

Now to the perks! This summer has been hot! I mean so very hot and I’m from Arizona! Do you know how amazing it felt to run our air conditioner last week non-stop as it tried to cool our oh so hot house! I didn’t have one moment of pause thinking about that electric bill coming in the mail. We also jumped across the street a few times to go to our neighborhood pool. It is huge and fun and wet…. and free! It has lifeguards and I love that it is there! We have spent many a summer afternoon cooling off in that pool.

I’m not telling you that military housing is perfect and for everyone. For us it has been just what we needed. We needed a home that I knew would suit our family in a safe neighborhood without knowing anything about this city while we were still in training in Florida. It has been all those things and more over these past few months. So for those new families, military housing isn’t the nightmare that you may hear about. It may just be the answer you need for your first PCS maybe all the way until your last PCS. We love it, you may too!

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One Response to “Perks!”
  1. Tori says:

    I am in VA also! And also live in Military housing (we have lived in various military housing areas for the last 10 years)! We have never had any major problems, nothing that wasn’t promptly taken care of. I recommend to at least give it a try, if it isn’t right for your family then you can always move out. I think your post is perfect! And completely agree about running the AC and not worrying!

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