Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Lucky One review, I was the lucky one…

I have to admit as I begin this review that I have a love hate relationship with the books of Nicholas Sparks.  I love them but then throw them at the end when the ending is different than what I thought.

As the theater lights lowered I could already feel my heart pumping anxiously to watch Zac Efron in a role where he is not a singing and dancing as a high schooler but a man, not just a man, A Marine!  As a military spouse I love my military romance, and love watching military romances.  I have to admit, it was one of the major reasons why I was excited to see this film.  Even better I was able to take my recently returned home Sailor to join me.   Here is a picture of us waiting for the movie to begin!!

I was really concerned with how well Zac Efron could channel the combat seasoned marine.  Logan, a marine who had seen the dirtiest of war and was saved by a simple photograph dropped in the sand.  Efron is amazing, he gained over 30 pounds for this role and no boy was present, but a real man.  I was in awe of seeing how much I believed him as Marine.   One thing I found surreally accurate was how well Efron played the aspect of that silently cautious Marine fresh from the sandbox.  Logan had a commanding presence in his scenes, but there is also a softness to him.  Taylor Schilling was awesome!   She made me believe she was Beth, the strong and gentle mom who was holding herself together yet is just moments away from dissolving.  Schilling was outstanding and made you want her to get everything and heal the broken parts of herself.  You really do attach yourself to the characters and feel that lucky charm that brought the two together.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to deliver spoilers, it’s plain and simple, go see it!  This film was chalk full of everything you would ever want.   You will laugh, a lot, you will tear up and you will find yourself applauding with a theatre full of people.  The Lucky One is a film that will touch you to your core, and the movie had just enough explosion mixed with girlieness to make it a great film!

Fair Winds & Following Seas

Marla  ~TrevsNavyWife~

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One Response to “The Lucky One review, I was the lucky one…”
  1. kmcd23 says:

    I wasn’t planning on seeing it, but now you’ve convinced me. Now I just need to convince the hubby… lol.

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