Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thank you

This week we had the privilege of being able to visit Washington DC. It was my first visit ever, living out in the Southwest, it was always a dream to visit DC. Thanks to the Navy and our most recent PCS to the area, we got to spend 4 days in our Nation’s Capitol. We got to show our children the rich history of the founding of this country that we not only live in, but that Daddy has the honor of protecting. It just happened that the days we could go were the few days before Veteran’s Day and seeing all that we saw has made today that more meaningful.

Today I want to celebrate those men and women who fight for our freedom, so we can have a Congress, Court System, and a President. I thank those who serve so that people have the freedom of protest, even if I don’t agree with the actual protests we saw, I saw people who have the freedom to disagree with our government. The freedom we have today is only because of the service members who fight for it every single day. Today and every day I sand proud next to my handsome Sailor. Today we bring him donuts and coffee in bed! Today we love him not only for providing for us, but for being a small part in this wonderful country’s military. Today and every day we remember all those who have served, who have seen devastation and horror that no person should see all so I can wake up and write this post. Freedom, it’s in everything we do and it came at the cost in many lives, but also in the invisible and visible wounds of those service members around us. I could never say thank you enough. Today I will celebrate my husband, brother, Uncles, and now too many friends to name who have served or who are serving. Thank you!


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2 Responses to “Thank you”
  1. beffyt says:

    I am enjoying reading the few posts that you have made… my husband is currently applying for the Navy and we are waiting to find out if we have been accepted. It is exciting and very scary!

    • Navy Wife Beth says:

      Thank you for the comment. I’m glad I can help in any way. When I was going through all the beginning processes, My Military Life got me through as well. My husband was in the delayed entry program for a full year because of a program he was in. So we were in a holding pattern for a whole year. We weren’t considered military yet, but we knew we would be and him joining the Navy had already changed our lives quite a bit. I needed a community and got support from the podcast and posts. Now I’m glad to be able to pay it forward! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Thanksgiving!

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