Saturday, February 6, 2016

The call for Long Underwear!!

The wait is over!!! I just got word that our family is packing up and headed to New England!!  My guess is we’ll be headed on our first PCS early fall, so in all reality only a few months away.  This is when I hop on the web and search  for all those handy resources for PSCing.  Thankfully on Facebook The Fleet and Family Support Center posted a link to their series on PCSing.  Amazing that they posted that today, the day I needed it!  It seems like the rest of my day is going to consist of me researching where we’re headed and figuring out the steps we need to take to get us there.  I want to call right now to figure out housing, but I’m sure I have to wait til we have hard copy orders.  Oh the questions, but man oh man are we excited. 

So the call for long underwear comes from our entire lack of winter anything.  I mean nothing!  We’ve lived in gorgeous Prescott, AZ for the last 10 years (and my entire growing up years).  We sometimes pull out our winter jackets for the coldest of fronts.  Most winter days we could layer up, cause mid day it might be warm enough for just a shirt.  We’ve needed to live outside our box and here we go!  Hopefully it’s mild in the Northeast the first few months we’re there so we can adjust and prepare! 

I’m off, to search the internet for all the wonder that awaits our little family.

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2 Responses to “The call for Long Underwear!!”
  1. Good luck. I haven’t experienced a PCS yet. I’m looking forward to when that happens, but who knows if/when it will. Right now the hubby is coded to stay put right where he is at. Unfortunately, I haven’t been with him since the beginning of his career, so he’s already experienced traveling whereas I met him at this duty station and haven’t.

    • Navy Wife Beth says:

      I’m glad you’re with your husband even though you haven’t gotten to travel yet. Your day will come, but if it doesn’t you’ll have a lifetime to travel with your hubby! Thanks for the moral support as I trudge through the paperwork of moving.

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