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Good Morning Beautiful, the place we now call home.

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It’s been just over 8 months since we made the trek across the country from GA to WA.  It was a bit of a headache in the beginning, but we survived.  I really didn’t want the Navy to move us for the PCS I wanted to do a DITY/PPM but I should remember we’ve got to be flexible in this life…  even if I don’t want to be on some things…  I can’t complain though, the Navy moved our things, nothing was broken and nothing was lost.  Our shipment was even here before we were, granted we took a few weeks to get from point A to point B.  In the end we were happy with how it worked out.

Once we got here we started house hunting, we decided to rent out in town because of the kids and the dogs.  We tend to be a loud family and have found in the past that we’ve grown out of the ability to live in a town home/row home/apartment type of living arrangement.  Of course in the end if we need to we can make do, but if we’ve got the choice it’d be a single family home and a big yard.  It took some searching but we found a diamond in the rough to rent.  Apparently it had been on the market for quite a while, it’s older and has a mess of a yard, tons of quirks and kinks, but the space is amazing so we decided to rent it.  But there was something we never realised as we were looking at it before we signed the lease..  You know how there are always things you over look, well we do anyways, it was the view out of our living room windows. 

We’ve got two huge picture windows… I don’t even know if you can call them picture windows, it would be more correct to say wall windows.  They are bigger than huge, they don’t open… which is a pain in the warm months, but we can live with that.   The view though, it’s worth a million bucks.   Well only worth a million bucks on a sunny clear day but still totally worth it.  Our house looks over Liberty Bay in Poulsbo.  Directly across Liberty Bay from us is the Volcano Mt. Rainer in all it’s glory. 

Mt. Rainer is refered to as The Mountain by the locals, even though we live between two mountain ranges it is THE Mountain and I don’t think you can understand that statement until you’ve seen it in person.  But I, I call it Beautiful.   Each morning I wake up and walk out to my living room wondering if the mountain will be showing it’s self today, and the mornings it is, it’s a sight to be had and I can’t help but say ‘Good Morning Beautiful’.

I’m enjoying our new home.  I really hoped I would, this is the one place I had not traveled in the US prior to moving here and it’s been everything I’ve hoped for!  For some people the weather is a drag, but I kind of like it.  This is one duty station that I’ve been able to enjoy without really forcing it, I don’t have to find things to like about it I just like it for what it is…. and it really helps that I’ve got ‘Beautiful’ to wake up to each morning.

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2 Responses to “Good Morning Beautiful, the place we now call home.”
  1. So, I apologize because I haven’t been back on here to read or to blog in forever, but I popped in today to read you are in the PacNW now too. Perhaps we could meet sometime. :)

    • justasubwife says:

      It would be fun to meet you in person! I’ll be visiting family over the next month and a half but maybe we could figure something out after that. Great to see you on the board again!

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