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Giving back.

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There are so many opportunities to do good in the military community. This website is just one wonderful example of that. What Wendy has provided for the Navy community and the military community at large is wonderful. I have a hunch Wendy does even more than this site and Navy Wife Radio, she just seems like the giving kind of gal. As a matter of fact, most spouses do.

It appears to be a trait of military spouses-by nature we are nurturers, givers, and lend-a-handers. Sure there are spouses who are disconnected from the community and don’t get involved, but those who are involved seem to outnumber them.

So what does “involved” mean? Well, it could be something as simple as attending FRG meetings to acting as a Key Volunteer or unit’s Ombudsman. Other ways to be involved include reaching out to your fellow spouses and military families in their time of need, whether it’s to help with a new baby or a PCS move. I can name so many military spouses who have made a positive impact on my life because of their involvement. They have either led by example in a leadership capacity or shown me the ropes on something unfamiliar to me. The common theme seems to be that of community.

We’ve got each others’ backs. We look out for the greater good. We seek ways to make positive changes in the world and community around us.  Giving back doesn’t have to be in some monumental fashion, it’s the effort that speaks volumes.

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2 Responses to “Giving back.”
  1. Wendy says:

    :) Awww thanks for the kind words. Helping for the sake of helping or giving for the sake of giving is a wonderful thing. I challenge everyone to do something in what Matt from (the first milblog I ever read) calls your circle of influence. No matter how big or small, just do something.


  2. Catina R Payne says:

    First and for most….Thank you from one spouse to another for all that you have done and do for the military community and to all those out there that can relate and have walked In the shoes of what it truly means to serve in the military with our loved ones.
    On many levels I have lived in those shoes as so many of us have being the; healer, coach, teacher, parent, mechanic, plumber and the list goes on. I know that it’s never easy being the “single parent” in words only but for those new to “OUR” ways of life it never easy without some type of life coach or mentor to take on all that is placed on our shoulders. It takes a strong person to embrace all the duties of family life but even bigger when you’re along and new to a military life style.
    I have talked, listened, read and text many family member and friends that fear the life in the military on the pure notion of “statistic” that the way of life in the military (more so on deployed) will make a married or brake them) this is not so. I have spent countless hours speaking to dependant and soldier on my own free time help to understand that this could only be true if they allow the system to beat them. It defiantly take’s hard work, strong communication, commitment, trust, and a whole lot of love to do what we do but we do it for the love of our family and freedom!
    So thanks again to all my brothers and sisters that are out there struggling to keep it together as their love one’s are out serving in order to make this world a safe and better place for everyone. I challenge everyone to actively reach out to those new to your community in leading a hand or seeking to know who your members are, find out what you can do to build a stronger chain of command for those left behind. I know it seems to easy or in some cases some say there are support groups or services for “those members” it really take our time and one person to start; you just never how much it can help until you try.

    Catina R Payne

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